The $400 Billion “Secret Market” Most Coaches Don’t Know About

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What you’ll learn in the video:

  • How I resurrected my dying coaching business in just 5 hours per week with NO internet skills
  • How to escape 9-5, coaching full time from your home office, taking 2 month ‘mini-retirements’ in Hawaii
  • How the “Stagnant Coach Spiral” and “Leapfrogging Loop” makes it IMPOSSIBLE for you to get more than a handful of clients
  • What my saxophone playing taught me about the mindset of marketing coaching on the internet
  • The $400 billion “secret market” that most coaches don’t know about

11 thoughts on “The $400 Billion “Secret Market” Most Coaches Don’t Know About

  1. Dave Wilkey

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for producing this video. You are a great mentor for all of us. I need to keep reminding myself that since Jeff can do this, I can do this. You seem so far ahead and so “way up there” 🙂 but I know you want all of us to be where you are at in business. I know I can do this and need to continue to keep this mindset.

    I appreciate your words about not leap frogging from idea to idea. This is how I operate in life. Your web strategy program seems perfect. I am looking forward to seeing it.

    I appreciate how you pointed out that the personal development and coaching industry is a “billion dollar” industry and that the market hasn’t been saturated enough that I cannot enjoy an income in coaching. I now know thats just an excuse not to try.

  2. Leyla

    Very interesting! I definatly had no idea about the “secret market” you described in the video, this was really good information to have. Worth the watch, you readers out there!

  3. Amanda

    As always, your video proves to be very informational and helpful. The Freedom machine is a great idea, and is definatly something i’m interested in. My interest in coaching has risen considerably in the last few days and I think i’m going to give it aother try.

  4. Brenda

    I love playing Saxophones, I learned in high school and it always brought me a lot of joy. That’s interesting how that taught you the mindset of coaching on the internet, you must have a very interesting life!

  5. Gabriel

    Man, that leapfrogging loop as you referred to it has really been a pain!! I’m glad somebody is getting the information out there. More people should see this, I’ll be referring your video to some of my friends and collegues.

  6. Emily

    Loved the video shots in Peru and found the master coach completion ceremony quite touching. Nice to recognise some of the people on our mastermind groups.

    Well done, Jeff! You are a great coach and trainer. It has been a pleasure learning with you.

  7. Mariah

    I agree with Emily wholeheartedly. You are a great coach and trainer, and we appriciate your hard work and care for us greatly. Very inspirational video.

  8. A.K. Sanders

    Wow, this is great! I’d like to know more, if you have additional information and coaching advise in my specialty. I’ve sent you my contact information. Can’t wait to hear back from you!

  9. Season Truax

    Hi Jeff. Thanks so much for posting these. I think they are packed full of information and you are definitely making a change in my coaching practice. 🙂


  10. James J Cassidy

    I have no experience playing the saxophone.
    I have watched your video, and it seems to provide useful instruction & guidance in new client acquisition. As a retired Chiropractor, I very aware of how important it is to keep the pipeline full with new patients so my daily PVA (patient visit average) was at acceptable levels. This required hard work, patient education, community lectures, networking with physicians and attorneys and to be always thinking 3-4 months ahead.
    I have spent a lot of money on seminars, tool kits and coaching services to increase new patient acquisitions, and have found a lot of them marginal at best.
    I completed my certification as a CHC @ the Institute of integrated Nutrition in NYC, and have not even started coaching clients yet. I’m 58 and have just resolved my own health issues, weight, cholesterol and hypertension and feel great. Recently, I have just partnered with Blue Cross of Florida where they want me to give a presentation every other month. My first was on Forks over Knives, plant based nutrition and they were very happy with it. In June I will be giving a workshop on Salt & Hypertension and plan to design more workshops on food labels, sugar, fats, oils etc..
    I have made a lot of contacts doing volunteer work raising money for American Heart Association, and have helped with the American Red Cross.
    I thinking of specializing in middle-aged to senior health issues for men (weight, BP, cholesterol, triglycerides). I’m a good presenter and feel I can get out there and make a professional impression.
    My concerns are I have no experience coaching men, or groups of men. I have no experience playing the saxophone. If I could find a part-time job working for a group that is successful in coaching men’s health issues (one-on-one and groups) that would really help. I want to hone my skills as a health coach, and develop my brand in the process, before marketing my services.
    Not sure if I’m a fit for your services. I open to any suggestions.
    James J Cassidy, DC, CHC, AADP


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