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…to make sure that I’m covering all of the key elements, I’d really like to know YOUR personal and individual questions, sticking points, and objectives.

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…and leave a comment after you watch the video telling me what your opinion is about MARKETING your coaching business (Do you LIKE or HATE the idea? Does it sound HARD or EASY? Does the thought of marketing on the internet get you EXCITED or SICK TO YOUR STOMACH?). I want to know.

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11 thoughts on “You are on the interest list

  1. Mario Tabone

    I am really struggling with finding new clients.
    I am looking for any way to find new possible clients.

  2. Michael Heeks

    I could not watch the video – I wanted to watch it but it was so slow moving it was too painful.

  3. Peggy Rogers

    I am very interested in seeing the video but I could not get it to load. It just kept churning and churning trying to download. I still want to be in on the retreat and the call. It is really a struggle trying to get clients. That is my main difficulty.

  4. Satish Torani

    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for the video. It was very informative

    My question is , can internet marketing in itself be a good starting point for someone? As I run a business , I feel presently I may not be able to put in effort for speaking engagements & other marketing activities.

    Would you advise someone to depend only on an internet marketing strategy , if implemented correctly for the first year or two of their coaching career?

    Thanks & regards

    1. Jeffrey3 Post author

      Yes! This entire program will be 100% virtual (along with the bonus DVDs that will be sent to you… and even they have fully downloadable audio/video versions in the member’s area).



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