How to Build Your Own ‘Internet Coaching Client Machine’

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15 thoughts on “How to Build Your Own ‘Internet Coaching Client Machine’

  1. Emily

    This is a really impressive video, Jeff. It pretty much summarized how to play the online homebased business game for the beginner and intermediary levels. I am amazed how much you are willing to give us for free. Thank you again!

  2. Steve King

    This video was rather long, but well worth the time spent watching. It has some very valuable information that I was unable to find anywhere else. My biggest fear when it comes to getting clients from the internet is that i’ll put a lot of time and effort into my works, and get nothing in return when the client backs out or doesn’t intend on keeping their word. My goal is to start a sucessful internet business going.

  3. Lucy

    Great Video, very professional and with lots of coverage. I’m the type of person that has an easier time paying attention to a video than simply reading a long article of information, so it was great for me. I need a lot of step-by-step instructions on how to get started and keep my clientell interested and active.

  4. Megan

    Good coaching video, it has really great quality and illustrations! I hate that so many instructional videos on the net have horrible quality – this day in age it’s not that hard or expensive to find good recording software and mics. The thing I worry about most while running my business is that the clients won’t pay their dues because theres no way to tell on the internet if someone really is who they say they are.

  5. Sarah Kindle

    After watching this video, I am feeling more secure with my decision to start taking advantage of internet marketing. I’m afraid that I won’t have enough people interested though, since I’d like to do something that revolves around foreign affairs and trading.

  6. Ralph Hendrix

    Internet marketing is become quite a popular form of business. I like that more people are becoming interested and beginners have reliable sources to learn from and take advice. The biggest problem i’ve had is that people tend to get cranky when deadlines arent met. I’ll refer your blog to some of my friends and affiliates.

  7. Robyn

    Jeff your video was absolutely amazing, kudos to you! I too am feeling even more confident in myself. My goal is simply to make people happy and give them what they’re looking for, and hopefully get their money’s worth.

  8. Samantha

    I recieved the link to your video from Lucy, we’re in a business partnership for affiliate marketing. It’s been somewhat difficult to keep the business running but I think we’re going to make it.

  9. Bobby Hart

    My biggest fear from getting clients on the internet is that they won’t be satisfied or will turn out to be internet “trolls”. My biggest goal is simply to satisfy the clients, and what I want the most from your program is simply your time and detication. Looking forward to hearing back from you Jeff.

  10. Ashlie

    My biggest fear when it comes to clients on the internet is that I feel like I dont know enough about business and the internet to stay updated and keep people happy. It scares me to think that everything I accomplish could be gone tomorrow

  11. Hugh

    When I first signed up I purchased a separate set of DVDs. I was told they covered building an Internet presence. Is this class updated information or cover the same general overview

  12. Andrew

    Once again your videos prove very helpful. I’m very excited to know someone who provides such clear instructions and help whenever it’s needed, especially in this field.

    1. Jeffrey3 Post author

      “Do you recommend having your incentives in place before you start building the machine?”

      YES — Although you can build your incentives after you’ve built the machine, I’d advise against it. We actually spend an entire day during the Internet Client Machine Retreat building your incentive… That’s how important it is… It’s one of the key ‘parts’ of the machine!



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