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These Coaches Got What They Deserved. Will it Happen to You?

Here are a few of our participants and what they experienced and achieved in our Coaches Trainings:

















“How to Build an Internet Coaching Client Machine” — Private Webinar




  • How to Build a Database of 10,074 Coaching Clients
  • How to Advertise Your Coaching For Free Over The Internet
  • How to Guarantee You Get New Clients Every Month

…and, I’ll answer your questions about the Internet Coaching Client Machine Retreat.


1) Leave the answer to these questions IN THE COMMENTS below:

a. What is your biggest FEAR, FRUSTRATION or PROBLEM when it comes to getting clients over the internet?

b. If you could ask me ONE question about setting up, starting, and running your online coaching business, what would that question be?

c. If you could ask ONE question about the Internet Coaching Client Machine Retreat, what would that question be?

2) Get on the PRIVATE ACCESS INTEREST LIST (that way you’ll get the opportunity to enroll early). Click HERE to get on the interest list.

3) Take the Internet Coaching Client Machine survey (also puts you on the early enrollment eligibility list).

4) Attend the private webinar.

Again, in the webinar, I’m going to show you a system that will allow you to build your own online coaching business.

You’ll learn how to use these techniques to start your online coaching business… IMMEDIATELY



How to Build Your Own ‘Internet Coaching Client Machine’

Watch the video – and then follow the directions BELOW…

Download this video: RIGHT CLICK HERE & SAVE LINK AS…


Here’s what to do now:

1. Leave a comment below, telling me:

1. Any questions about building your own ‘Internet Coaching Client Machine’.

2. Any questions you have about the Internet Coaching Client Machine retreat.

I’ll answer you questions during the private Webinar.

Thanks for your input.

2. Take the 2 minute survey to help me build the exact retreat you need:

3. Schedule the private Q&A webinar with me


The Internet Coaching Client Machine Retreat will open for final registration soon. If you want one of the remaining 4 slots, then make sure you are ready to register then (keep an eye on your email)

You are on the interest list

1.  To help me build the the Internet Coaching Client Machine Retreat, go HERE to take the ‘Client Machine Survey’.

…to make sure that I’m covering all of the key elements, I’d really like to know YOUR personal and individual questions, sticking points, and objectives.

2.  Watch the replay of the Internet Client Machine WEBINAR:

3. Watch The Video HERE:

…and leave a comment after you watch the video telling me what your opinion is about MARKETING your coaching business (Do you LIKE or HATE the idea? Does it sound HARD or EASY? Does the thought of marketing on the internet get you EXCITED or SICK TO YOUR STOMACH?). I want to know.

4. Watch your email:

…for other bonuses, videos, your access to “Guru Gal” for your ‘Quiet Coaching Empire’ Strategy Session, as well as more information about the Internet Coaching Client Machine 5-Day Retreat.

The $400 Billion “Secret Market” Most Coaches Don’t Know About

Download this video: RIGHT CLICK HERE & SAVE LINK AS…

To join the Internet Coaching Client Machine Retreat interest list, go HERE.

Last year, I only made the Internet Coaching Client Machine Retreat available to Master Coach University students, but because we have a few students that aren’t able to participate in the retreat, I’ve decided to open the remaining 4 slots (we have 16 out of 20 spots confirmed) to coaches outside the university.  To have a chance to take one of the 4 slots, just get on the interest list HERE.

What you’ll learn in the video:

  • How I resurrected my dying coaching business in just 5 hours per week with NO internet skills
  • How to escape 9-5, coaching full time from your home office, taking 2 month ‘mini-retirements’ in Hawaii
  • How the “Stagnant Coach Spiral” and “Leapfrogging Loop” makes it IMPOSSIBLE for you to get more than a handful of clients
  • What my saxophone playing taught me about the mindset of marketing coaching on the internet
  • The $400 billion “secret market” that most coaches don’t know about